And This is Why We Hate Mitt Romney

I’m trying to get used to the idea of Mitt Romney as our Presidential candidate. He seems to be the only one organized enough to run a national campaign, and if he doesn’t motivate me I can always find Senate and other local candidates I can channel my energy on. Fine.

Then of course he goes and reminds us why so many activists don’t like him and necessarily trust him. Romney was recently on one of them tele-townhall’s for some tea party organization, and said the following…

But I am not looking to do something, which dramatically reduces taxes for the top 1%. If we go out there and starting touting plans to drastically lower taxes for the very highest income people, not only will we get our head handed to us politically; we will as a nation find ourselves stalled in getting tax reform that is sobadly needed.

To be fair to him, as you read in the transcript, he did run through some of the typical tax reform talking points. The problem is that instead of rejecting the Obama/Occupier class warfare rhetoric like a conservative should, he justifies it. His first instinct is to pander to it. As opposed to pointing out how the 1% vs. 99% bullshit is just that…

Not to mention, if he’s serious about tax reform, that means lowering taxes on ALL AMERICANS including the top 1%. When liberals whine about tax cuts for the 1%, they’re talking about the few reforms Mitt mentioned in the transcript. So what’s it going to be? He’s going to lower taxes for the rich without lowering taxes for the rich?

A Republican candidate should be talking aboot Americans has a whole, as one people. The Democrat candidate is the one who breaks people into classes to play them off each other. Maybe someone should explain that to Mitt Romney.

Though if enough people complain, he’ll probably change his mind anyway.


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