And This is Why We Hate Mitt Romney (No. 2 in a Series)

“If you don’t make the argument in the campaign,what makes you think that you’ll ever make it if you get elected–Jan. 21?”

I had touched on this last week, that while Romney goes through the motions and rattles off the basics when it comes to tax reform, he always falls back on Obama-esque class warfare rhetoric, yet while still claiming to reform taxes and lowering them on the “rich” that he claims he can’t do because he can’t get elected that way.

This was recently discussed WSJ Journal Editorial Report…

I mean, what I have here is Romney’s own economic document. This is the first page of tax policy, in which he attacks President Obama for class warfare, saying: “He’s calling middle-income Americans ‘millionaires and billionaires.’ He actually includes every household earning more than $250,000.” Page two, his tax proposal, says he will cut capital gains and dividends and interest rates for anyone with an adjusted gross income of under $200,000. It’s an obvious contradiction. That’s Barack Obama’s position.

So he’s going to debate President Obama on taxes by having the exact same position, only not really, but kinda yes?

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