Election 2012: Job Creators are the New Hotness

Meet Marc Cenedella and Mark Rosen. Marc I introduced you to a few weeks ago. He’s the CEO of TheLadders.com, and considering (or rumoured to be) a run against Kristin Gilligan in the US Senate. Mark is officially running for congress in the NY-18, and is a senior vice-president at Adecco. The both of them I think are the perfect types of candidates to draft in 2012.

Think aboot it. Jobs are going to be the key campaign issue this year. People don’t have them. The Obama Campaign’s policies aren’t creating them, and in some cases are preventing them from being created. Enter Cenedella and Rosen. TheLadders.com is a job search engine. Adecco is an employment agency.

They not only have experience creating jobs, they have experience creating jobs for people whose job it is to help others find jobs of their own.

When the economy sucks, jobs are no where to be found, and no one in Washington seems to have a clue…who better that people from outside of Washington with private sector experience running successful companies, not only creating jobs but helping others find jobs?

Start drafting candidates who fit the same mold. Marc and Mark are mine!


One thought on “Election 2012: Job Creators are the New Hotness”

  1. I have not yet Marc Cenedella, although I utilize his site sounds like a man who can work it, but let’s not forget that in NYS, Gillibrand is a force to be aware of. Mark Rosen, whom I have met and spoken to sounds like a winner whether or not Nita runs for re-election. Mark is going to win. He is fiscally conservative and socially moderate. He just has to walk through the Bible Thumping hypocrites from now to election day. I know that I plan on working with Mark and getting him to Washington.

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