Newt Gingrich Judges Your Candidates Economic Plan

“Nothing will turn America around more than election night, when Barack Obama loses decisively.” – Newt Gingrich

My friend and colleague Jimmie Bise was lamenting the other day on the Twitters on how none of our candidates are talking aboot the issues (disclosure, we’re both Gingrich supporters). You hear a lot of who is being mean, who should drop out, who’s lying…the candidates are almost on the verge of ragging on each other mothers.

There’s hasn’t been nearly enough talk aboot jobs/taxes/economy at all, and that includes the candidates themselves not talking aboot their plans (Huntsman’s and Perry’s were particularly good). Newt Gingrich tried to rectify that with a bus tour across Iowa touting his economic plan…

The American people create jobs, not government. It starts very simple–lower taxes, less regulation, an American energy plan and actually be positive about people who create jobs, the opposite of the Obama plan.

The Wall Street Journal, at the very least, has taken notice…

It’s a great message, and it’s getting to the key issue, which is economic growth. And his plan, really the most aggressive now, and it shows you how timid Romney’s is in comparison. Gingrich going for an optional flat tax, down to 15%, cutting the corporate rate down to 12.5%, which would make the U.S. among the most competitive in the world. It’s a big argument, and it’s going to create jobs.

There is a huge thirst for this kind of thing. And you talk to voters who are at Gingrich events and Romney events, they’re tired of hearing the candidates say the same thing over and over: that they’ll kill ObamaCare, cut regulation, cut spending. They expect that from the candidates. They want to hear something more about a pro-growth policy. And so Gingrich is on to something there.

His flat tax would be 15%, optional. Rick Perry’s is 20%. And Gingrich would, if you choose the flat-tax option, do away with almost all of the deductions in the code. So it is the most ambitious plan. He’s also saying, “No static analysis on revenues. We’re going for growth.”

Watch more…


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