Great Moments in Capitalism: “Transformers: The Movie”

“Because I know the theme song to the Transformers cartoon by heart. #ReasonsWhyImSexy #morethanmeetstheeye” – Jonah Goldberg

Reading Jonah’s tweet, it reminded me aboot something that cracked me up with the ORIGINAL “Transformers: The Movie.” I’m talking back in the day, 1987 cartoon movie…not any of this CGI Shia LaBouf crap. The original movie where the Optimus Prime/Megatron fight scene rivals the fight scene from “They Live” as the best in the history of cinema. The original movie that brought us the Stan Bush classics “Dare” and “The Touch.”

The thing most people remember about the movie was that almost everyone died in the first ten minutes of the movie. On the TV series the lasers always seemed to miss each other, yet withing ten minutes of the movie there were Autobot and Decepticon body parts were scattered all over the place. It was as a kid. It was awesome as an adult when you heard the reason why…just to sell more toys.

One of the bells and whistles on the DVD was an interview with the creators where they unapologetically and proudly admitted they killed everyone off to sell more toys. By killing off all the old toy, you had to choice but to buy all the new toys. And it worked, because we all did…or at least whined to our parents to buy them for us.

Capitalism…we salute you.


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