Enough with this [Candidate X] Must Drop Out Bullshit

(The graphic to your left was lifted by those upstanding lads at Misfit Politics)

I’m a Not-Romney guy. Newt Gingrich is my Not-Romney of choice. I’ve already discussed why Rick Perry campaign and Jon Huntsman campaign haven’t impressed me. Rick Santorum? I’ll have to Google him when I get home, but meh. But while I prefer one Not-Romney to the other two and it would be easier for him if they dropped out, this jive where people demand [candidate X] drop out and endorse is ridiculous.

I know everyone keeps getting more unhinged on the internets when you disagree with them, but three things…

1. If a candidate has something to say and people who believe in them, I want them as part of the debate.

2. If your candidate isn’t strong enough to win without everyone else dropping out and endorsing them, they’re too weak to beat Mitt Romney and sure as hell too weak to beat Barack Obama.

3. Obama and Hillary Clinton campaign all throughout the primaries in 2008 to the cries of “the infighting is weakening the party.” How did it work out for the Democrats that year?

Everyone put your big boy diapers on.


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