Election 2012 Jumps Off TONIGHT on THE RIGHT HOOK

Should old acquaintance be…nah, bump that. Election 2012 is finally here and we’re back with podcasting answer to Sodom and Gomorrah and your conservative anthem for the underground…it’s the place where the RINOs and the radicals come together as one…it’s THE RIGHT HOOK.

And to kick off the New Year, we’re introducing you to two congressional candidates you’re going to be hear a lot about. CA-9’s Ricky Gill (he’s the cat on the left) is the youngest person to ever run for congress – he won’t even be old enough to serve until December – and he joins us to talk about running as a conservative in California and “the 209.” Stockton, son!

NY-18’s Mark Rosen (he’s the cat on the right) comes to us from Westchester and shares with us his business experience in creating jobs and finding jobs (literally, he’s the SVP of Adecco), and how he plans to utilize that experience as a congressman.

Also, Yahoo! News’s political reporter Chris Moody joins us from on the road with Newt Gingrich in New Hampshire to recap the fall out from the Iowa Caucus, and tell us what we might be able to expect next Tuesday in the “first in the nation” primary.

And because my computer broke, we’re replaying KID ROCK songs: “Lowlife (Living the High Life),” “Cold and Empty,” “Son of Detroit,” and “American Bad Ass.”

You can listen TONIGHT (January 5th) at 8:00 PM!


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