Marc Cendella: An “Anti-Tax Entrepreneur” for a Better New York

“[Cendella]is out there working hard and meeting with a lot of people…very, very impressive young man.” – Manhattan G.O.P. chairman Dan Isaacs

Unlike most of the other rumoured NY Senate candidates I left myself get excited by (::cough::dansenor::cough::), Mark Cendella seems more serious than the rest and while a definitive announcement hasn’t been made yet, he’s hired the guy who led Bob Turner to victory, and has been making the rounds talking to GOP heads and even grabbed some time with journalist Fed Dicker at the recent State of the State.

Cendella, who supported Ron Paul in ’08 and sits on the board of the club for growth, plans a jumping starting his own campaign with his own millions (a necessity if you’re running state wide in New York). He plans on drawing from his background as a young entrepreneur and job creator as the cornerstone of his campaign…

After Yale, according to the book The Intelligent Entrepreneur, which tells the story of three successful Harvard Business School grads, he moved to California and began a career importing and exporting, capitalizing on Japan’s interest in American pet food. He turned down Harvard Business School on account of his new company, but lying in a hotel bed in Tokyo one day, decided that even being the king of Japanese pet food wouldn’t exactly satisfy his ambitions. So he re-applied to Harvard Business School and ultimately enrolled. After Harvard, he rose to become a senior vice president at the employment site, before it was sold in 2002.

But the cornerstone of Cenedella’s Senate campaign would be his own company,, an employment site Cenedella founded in 2003 that now counts 270 employees.

“Marc is a populist scientist of employment,” reads his bio on the Ladders site, which also says that his “passion in life is jobs,” and calls him a “widely recognized thought leader on job search, career management, recruiting and business.”

As the say in the biz, DEVELOPING…


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