Mitt Romney Supporters are Worse than Ron Paul Supporters (or, “This is not about picking someone who shares your beliefs and principles”)

I was at a fundraiser last night and didn’t watch last night’s debate, but from everything I read none of the candidates, during what would be their second to last chance to take a shot at Mitt Romney, took a shot or tried to debate him on anything. Romney wins. Cue the smug Mittbots.

There’s hasn’t been a quote that has better summed up Romney’s base of support then from one of his surrogates yesterday, “It’s not even about picking someone with your own beliefs and principles.” Say what you will about Ron Paul supporters, but they at least have specific domestic and foreign policy beliefs that they advocate for. Romney supporters? All they tell you is that “he can win” without any evidence that can back it up.

What is a single accomplishment he had as governor? HE CAN WIN! What’s a single conservative principle that he is passionate about? HE CAN WIN! Have you ever taken a close look at his “job creation” record? HE CAN WIN!

And this is where the frustration for us activists (or as one Mittbot called me, “conservative wack jobs”) comes from. For a lot of us, we started to get involved after the debacle of the McCain campaign and our first taste was 2010. There we found dynamic leaders with bold ideas for turning the country around, advocated for them, and got them elected. Now we find ourselves with a candidate who is slightly better than Obama and thinks simply not being Obama will get him a victory, and that seems to be the one principle the Mittbots support. Democrats supported the same principle in 2004 with John Kerry.

This is where the Mittbots usually start with their indignant, “well, who are you gonna support when YOUR candidate drops out?” I’ll vote for slightly better for Obama. But support? Show any enthusiasm or energy for? There are hundreds of other candidates running in other races who share my own “beliefs and principles.” I’ll support them.

P.S. Don’t get me wrong, none of this is to say that he other candidates haven’t all been different shades of terrible.


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