Mitt Romney’s Opening with Conservatives (or, Ewww, He’s a Capitalist)

A lot of us who aren’t crazy aboot Mitt Romney as our candidate have been waiting for the other candidates to go after his record and challenge him. What we weren’t expecting were them to attack him FROM THE LEFT and go after his time at Bain Capital and for otherwise engaging in capitalism. I made light of this yesterday, and I don’t feel bad because Romney has used class warfare rhetoric against his opponents long before this. It still put a lot of us in the odd position of defending him.

There’s an opening here though. See, as much as it makes me uncomfortable to see other Republicans attacking their opponents as liberals, I’m glad they did because it lets primary voters see a) what’s waiting for him from the Democrats, and b) see how Romney reacts to the attacks. And therein lies his opening to unify everyone, because the biggest issue many of us have with Romney is that we don’t think he’s going to have the balls to punch back and go after President Obama, the Democrats, and the usual Obama Media Complex.

Let’s see Mitt give a full throated defense of capitalism and conservatism as a whole. Defend his record. Point out that while having to fire people may have sucked, in the long run it helped the companies grow and hire more people in the long run. Show conservatives who don’t trust him that he’s not going to accept the liberal premise behind every issue, and hit back against any and all class warfare rhetoric thrown at him…which in this case are coming at him from people on our own side.

I want to see Mitt Romney show us that he’s more than just slightly better than Obama, and here’s his chance. It’s the difference between simply voting for him in November, and actively campaigning for him before then.


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