Battleground: Westchester

The news coming out of Westchester (which is what we on The L.I. consider “upstate”) is that Democrat Senator Suzi Oppenheimer has decided not to run for re-election. Local businessman Bob Cohen, who came close to winning in 2010, has already declared his intentions to run for this now open seat.

Of course we’re still waiting to see what the new redistricting map looks like, but this makes Westchester an interesting battleground. Yes, it’s a heavily Democrat area, and President Obama won with 60%+ last time. But let’s look what has happened since then…

2009 –Rob Astorino (R-NY) wins his county executive race
2010 – Nan Hayworth (R-NY) wins her congressional race
2011 – (R-NY) picks up two seats in the Westchester legislature.

2012 – Bob Cohen (R-NY) winning his state senate race? Maybe even Mark Rosen (R-NY), whose opponent has been rumoured to be considering retirement, winning in the NY-18?

As they say on teh internets, DEVELOPING…


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