Dan Bongino (R-MD) and New Hampshire Fallout TONIGHT on THE RIGHT HOOK

You know you want it, so sit back and relax as we wrap our legs around your torso and just keep giving it to you with conservative podcastings answer to Sodom and Gomorrah. It’s your anthem for the underground where the RINOs and the radicals come together as one. MIC CHECK! This is THE RIGHT HOOK

Hosted by the Rated R Republican, the Blogging Assassin, and not only the voice for the voiceless but the heart and soul of YRs nationwide…The L.I.’s own Brodigan.

This week on the show…

Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent running for Maryland Senate. Dan joins us tells us all about his campaign, who really creates jobs, web analytics, and trust me when I tell you that if you’re fed up with 2012…this cat will make you feel a lot better.

Will Rahn, reporter for The Daily Caller. Will just got back from the (anti-climatic) New Hampshire primary and tells us what he heard on the ground, reviews each campaign and what their chances are going forward, and what’s this aboot hearing SERIOUS speculation aboot the Veepstakes next week?

Brian Maher, Mayor of Walden. NY. We caught up with Brian outside of his fundraised in The O.C. last weekend (that yours truly MCed) who shares with us what he’s learned as Mayor Walden, and what he plans to bring with him to Albany…for a position to be named later.

Plus the delightful sounds of Motion City Soundtrack: “History Lesson,” “A Lifeless Ordinary (Need a Little Help),” “Stand Too Close,” “Last Night,” and “@!#?@!.”

You can listen and join in the fund TONIGHT (January 12th) at 8:00 PM!


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