365 Days in the Life of Rep. Tom Reed

Most cats didn’t hear of Rep. Tom Reed until the Tickle Me Massa scandal (Google it), but a lot of us were fans of the former Corning Mayor well before that, so there is a great deal of pride to see him getting national attention. Granted the NY-29 might as well be part of Canada as far as us on The L.I. are concerned, but I’m still a fan. 🙂

Just in the past few months, Speaker Boehner chose him to be one of the conferee’s of the payroll-tax bill (don’t get me started), and Politico named him runner-up of the Freshman classes “Most Likely to Succeed.”

As his sophomore year starts, Reed recently interviewed with National Journal to reflect back on his time so far in Washington…

My expectation coming to D.C. was that it was going to be a place where people tell you how to vote, tell you what you’re going to do, and rule over you with an iron-fist mentality. I have been pleasantly surprised by our leadership. They really do listen, they let us speak, and let us be an active part of the governing process.

The hardest part of the job is being away from my family. I have an 11- and 13-year-old. They have adjusted to me being a way a bit, but it’s still hard. I tell them that we are trying to do something so America is here for them. I’ve created an internal rule that Sunday is off-limits unless I put it on the schedule myself. That’s family time. I also got the kids iPhones. We’re learning FaceTime and Skype. It’s not the same as seeing them face to face, but being able to see their face is a lot better than just being on the phone.

We’ll all be paying closer attention to the entire New York delegation this year, but Tom Reed is definitely top of the list.


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