Mario’s Kid to NY Teacher’s Unions: Suck It!

Yes, I’m stealing “Mario’s Kid” from the fake Shelly Silver account on Twitter. It cracks me up.

Anyway, Governor Cuomo is announcing his budget for New York tomorrow and apparently he’s using it to push for education reform, specifically the arcane concept of tying teachers pay to job performance. How? By tying “…4 percent state aid increases promised to the districts in last year’s budget — some $800 million — to adoption of the teacher-evaluation system developed by the state Education Department, which has been blocked from city schools by a teachers-union lawsuit.”

Long story short, if the districts don’t comply, they don’t get the money.

I know the teachers union hate anything that requires their members to have to do their jobs well in order to keep them, and the Democrat controlled Assembly hates it because the unions give them lots of money so they hate what they’re told to hate. But whenever I hear “performance pay” come up, I think back to high school Chemistry.

Picture it: The L.I., 1991. I was never a particularly good science student, but this year I had a Chemistry teacher who was so effective at her job, only one student passed that year’s Regents for every four who failed. My mom paid a tutor to do what the teacher didn’t so that I could retake the test. The teacher with her 20% success rate kept her job (because of tenure, which is a blog post for another time), but was just moved to teaching non-Regents classes.

Ask yourself something. If you were only 20% effective at your job, would you still have it?


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