Lesson from Breitbart: Even God Rested at Least Once

“This is killing me.” – Andrew Breitbart, five days before he passed away

That’s what Breitbart told FTR Radio’s Tom LaDuke, the Saturday before he passed away. LaDuke was taking him on a tour of Detroit (aka “The D”), and there was a point where Andrew Breitbart (who Tom best described as looking “exhausted”) put his head in his hands and said those words. “This is killing me.”

I’m not a doctor. I don’t even play one on the internet. I don’t know what makes a forty-three year old suddenly die. I know some liberals are praying to Planned Parenthood or whatever other higher power they worship that it was drug related, just so they can say “na na, na na na.” In their defense, when someone dies that young, drugs are a logical (and usually accurate) guess. Another reason is when the person just simply runs himself into the ground.

And that’s what I’ve been hearing from a lot of my friends and colleagues who know Breitbart a lot better and more intimately than I did. He never stopped. He never stood still. He went 24/7 at every event, every rally, fighting every idiotic and ignorant comment any leftist made anywhere, regardless of how irrelevant they were. This is all something that became more prevalent for me as I was reading my Twitter stream during “Slutgate” and how a lot of my friends spent a lot of their Saturday obsessing and getting upset over it.

Don’t misunderstand me, I get it. We’ve seen this movie before, most recently in 2009, when the Democrat Party needs a distraction and exploits some idiotic comment that a talk show host made just to score political points and for the sake of fundraising, and have their supporters at NBC News, Politico, the New York Times create a faux media outrage and 101 new “is Rush Limbaugh good for the GOP” columns. Next it’ll be the Koch Brothers (again), Grover Norquist (again), Fox News (again), and then eventually back to Rush. And the infuriating irony of the party who worships at the feet of Keith Olbermann, Bill Maher, Ed Schultz et al. crying about sexism makes me want to wild out and break shit as well.

Here’s the thing though. While y’all spent the day on Twitter banging out angry tweets, I was at the gym. I took a ride to the beach. I watched a few movies, went for a walk, smoked a cigar, listened to music, hung out with my mom, had a good dinner…I decompressed. I shut off the computer and did something else. I enjoyed a beautiful Saturday I was blessed with. I took a break from the politics.

The conservative movement needs 1000 new Breitbarts. What we DON’T need are 1000 activists who can’t shut it off, and are going to burn themselves out and die. It’s ok, to take a break. It’s ok to only fight liberal propaganda and the Obama Media Complex five days out of the week instead of seven. It’s ok to take a day or two off and enjoy that there’s a whole world out there besides politics. It’s ok to spend time with your family.

It’s terrible to have to spend the week mourning one of our leaders, who showed us our opponent’s playbook and taught us how to fight back.

It would be tragic if we had to keep doing this for other friends and colleagues who didn’t know how to shut it off and take a day off.


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