A Very Important “The Right Hook” Programming Note (and where I’ve been)

Coming off of “Don’t Forget Your Roots” month in March, where I hit y’all with some of the best the NY GOP has to offer (yes, there are some decent Republicans in New York if you look really hard), I had big plans for April. It was going to be “Bloggers and Beatdowns,” coinciding with the Jon Jones/Rashad Evans fight, as well as the annual BlogCon in Charlotte.

We’d be talking aboot the fight and bringing MMA to NY with some of the TRH regulars, plus I was lining up some of your favourite bloggers to discuss conservatism and where the movement and/or blogosphere is headed, especially since I believe BlogCon will be the first time we’ve all gotten together since Andrew Breitbart’s passing.

It was going to be awesome!

Something awesomer happened though…

Meet Charlotte, who those of you that follow me on the Facebook and the Twitters, already know is my new niece. She’s adorable, right?

She’s my sister’s first, and while adding a new member of the family is always life changing no matter whose family she’s born too, it was a little extra special for us consider all that’s gone on in my family for the nine months. Besides being her uncle, part of me feels like I owe it to my dad to fill the role of her grandfather as well (even if that just means busting her other grandfather’s balls now and then).

So yeah, the time I would have spent taping interviews (and unfortunately not following up on phone calls and e-mails), I was working on impersonating Uncle Jesse (“Full House,” not “Dukes of Hazard”) and  had my niece in my arms and my iPhone playing Rockabye Baby! tunes.  I’m sure 99% of you (MIC CHECK) will agree my time was better spent.

Side note, the Journey one kicks ass!

All that said, this Charlotte brings me to the one I’ll going down to in a few days with a renewed energy. While I haven’t had much to say regarding how Hillary Rosen is every bit the prominent Obama surrogate that Rush Limbaugh and Grover Norquist are the heads of the GOP, about how I wish we lived in a country where the President of the United States paid more in taxes than his secretary (who I’m willing to bet isn’t making between 200k-500k a year and didn’t just buy a second home like Warren Buffet’s secretary), and how Fingers Malloy and I (with all y’all’s help) donated more to charity than Joe Biden did…that’ll all change once I return to New York on Sunday and shake off my hangover.

New episodes of The Right Hook return next week.

Being an uncle rocks my socks.

Now more than ever, I owe it to the people.


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