Everything You’re Doing Wrong

I have a file on my desktop called “Everything You’re Doing Wrong.” I scour the internet for potential clients and summarize what they’re doing wrong and how we would do things better. From there my boss goes out to make the pitch that makes the money, I proceed to put said money where my mouth is, and the circle of life is complete. After doing more than a few of these EYDW’s, I’m noticing a few reoccurring issues.

Some are basic. I should never see a URL anywhere on Facebook, and whenever you can link to your website instead of a news website the better. Why link to the advertisers of people who generally hate you when you can link to your donation page?

There are however three major issues (at least in my humble opinion) that cause me to #headesk my way into a concussion.

Read the rest at MISFIT POLITICS…


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