Like Crazy (2011)

I used to enjoy going to the movies a lot more. You know, back in the days when you didn’t have to decide between a movie & a bucket of popcorn or a tank of gas, and when the other people who went to movies didn’t annoy the hell out of you. Unless it involves characters from Marvel or DC Comics (or sometimes the Judd Apatow players), I usually stay home.

The thing is I still love watching movies, so I’ve grown to appreciate those random movies you find flipping channels or through a friends recommendation. This is how I discovered “Like Crazy,” staring Anton Yelchin, Felicity Jones, and my future ex-wife Jennifer Lawrence.

It’s a love story as old as time. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Girl lets her visa expire to say an extra summer. Girl tries to come back to America but is rejected. Boy and girl start seeing other people, but still have the connection, and try to make it work on and off between seeing other people and getting the visa issues squared away. Boy and girl get together in the end…or do they?

Set aside the fact that you would have to be and complete moron to pine for someone in England when you have Jennifer Lawrence right there in front of you, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

All the usual cinematic elements were excellent: great flow, great dialogue, great soundtrack, etc. There was one scene I found particularly brilliant where, to show time pass over the summer, it was 100 quick shots of just the two of them lying in bed until the last one was him lying alone before thinking he was going to pick her up at the airport.

But what I really liked was the concept: the combination of a longing for what you can’t have, and that connection two people can have that, even without seeing each other regularly, through cell phones and the internet, still continues to grow. You either learn to discover the real person that we’re sometimes too shy or too awkward to show when it’s IRL, or build up in your mind something that you eventually discover doesn’t exist.

I think this is something everyone can relate to, especially as the Internet allows us to connect with and “meet” people throughout the world you normally wouldn’t have the chance to at the local bar, and get to know them in a way people are afraid to show in person. And this is even speaking from personal experience. I have one in particular where the question of “what if” is always in the back of my mind, and a handful of others that I love talking to and “spending time with” through whatever avenues of social media…who I’d probably not know how to act around in person.

That’s what “Like Crazy” is about. The yearning for what you can’t have, and discovering whether or not it’s what you want when you get a chance to have it.

Anyway, great movie. I know it’s on EPIX a lot lately, plus I’m sure Netflix has it. I’d highly recommend watching when you have 90 minutes or so to spare.


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