Take It Easy: Chris Christie vs. Rand Paul

I’ve always been a big fan of the Eagles. They were the first “classic rock” band I fell in love with. So of course, I love “The History of the Eagles” documentary in an I keep watching it over and over again way (particularly for the Joe Walsh parts since I am the drinking man’s blogger). Great flick, if you love the band or love documentaries, I’d highly recommend it.

They credited their initial success because the song “Take It Easy” came out at a time when it was a message that people need to hear (68-72ish). A message, not that it’s comparable to the turmoil when the song came out, but that I still think the internet could stand to listen to right now.

You can really turn on the Internets on any given day a find ten examples of this without even trying hard. For the sake of the post, I want to take a look at the latest intramural establishment conservatarian shouting match… Chris Christie vs. Rand Paul.

It started last weekend in Aspen. Four of our side’s best was doing a panel on issues facing the country and the party: Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker, Mike Pence, and Chris Christie. See below.

It was a great discussion that I highly recommend setting aside the one hour and nine minutes to watch, as the four Governors gave great advice and brought up some excellent points. At the one hour and four minute mark (approximately), Gov. Christie made a comment about the recent NSA spying debate that has popped up, calling the libertarian view of it dangerous. This was reported as Chris Christie lashing out at libertarians, which most people referencing either an article from Politico (which I thought was part of the Democrat Media Complex and the enemy), or from tweets people read from other people referencing what THEY had read on the internets.

Here’s the rub. If you watch the clip…

  1. Chris Christie didn’t “lash out at libertarianism.” He brought up a single issue that has been part of a national debate lately…the NSA.
  2. It was the moderator from the New York Times (again…Democrat Media Complex) who brought up Rand Paul
  3. Scott Walker – conservative hero – agreed with Chris Christie.

We are never going to have the serious discussions we need to have if every time we go straight to Defcon 1 before the debate even starts. Christie vs. Rand symbolizes an important conversation about national security and foreign policy we need to have with each other (and one I side with Rand Paul more recently). When we start off yelling at each other – not actually at what someone said but at what someone else said that they said – we never get to the actual issue and just start screaming at each other.

Lighten up while you still can.


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