7 New Yorkers Not Named Anthony Weiner

What makes this particularly maddening for me is that while these clowns draw all this media attention for embarrassing themselves and their constituents, New York has a number of elected officials who don’t make me #headdesk, that you wouldn’t even know existed in a deep blue state like New York. They’re the reason why…I basically have two missions as I still try to find my niche in the movement. The first is simply to show folks on the right having fun (I am the drinking man’s conservative) and tackling issues in a more entertaining/less liberal stereotype of a conservative way.

The other is to do what I can, when I can, to help introduce people to leaders I admire and people who I feel represent the blueprint for how conservatives can live, thrive, and survive here in New York. With the attention being paid to the bad examples of who some New Yorkers continue to elect, I wanted to share a few of my favorite good examples.

Read the rest on MISFIT POLITICS…


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