10 People to Moderate the Republican Debates

So, the RNC voted to ban NBC News and CNN from the 2016 Presidential Primary debates if they went through with their Hillary Clinton campaign vid…I mean documentaries and mini-series’. The feeling is that while 90 % of the news outlets are against us in the first place, the fact that they’re pushing Hillary’s Presidential run this early was a bridge to far.

Having liberals control the content and moderators of Republican primary debates has been a problem with us on the right for a while. The primary debates are supposed to be the candidate discussing the issues and policies to determine who will be the best Republican to put forth in a general election. Instead? We get moderators who can barely hide their animosity. We get a YouTube debate where at least four of the questions come from progressives who lie about being Republican primary voters.

You get debates where moderators don’t ask any questions about bread and butter issues, only to have their colleagues in the media criticize the Republicans for not talking about bread and butter issues. Four years ago Mike Huckabee literally had to ask for a question on education.

And to my friends on the left who claim the Republicans are just whining because they don’t like “hard” questions, wake me when the Democrats agree to a Fox News debate hosted by Bill O’Reilly w/ the editorial board of the Weekly Standard asking the follow ups.

The question is, if not the usually mainstream media selections, who would be acceptable to moderate a debate and/or ask serious questions? I give you my top ten. I’m also leaving off Jake Tapper, because if I had my druthers I’d have him moderate all the things.

Ben Domenech
Rich Lowry
Jonah Goldberg
Steven Hayes
George Will
Charles Krauthammer
Guy Benson
James Pethokoukis
Robert Costa
Ross Douthat

Actually, an internet debate moderated between Douthat and Domenech would be dope.

Mind you, this is just for the primaries. The general, while I think they should be less partisan than they usually are ::cough::candycrowley::cough::, I wouldn’t expect right leaning reporters to be selected.

But for an intraparty debate, I don’t think it’s ridiculous to expect the people asking the questions not hate the people in the party they’re asking the questions too.


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