Open Memo to Moderate Republicans

Last week’s column, “On Culture, Kutcher, and Conservatism” got a surprising amount of attention. It caught me by surprise somewhat, if I’m being honest. I’m really just some schmuck from Long Island who spends too much time on the computer, and only slightly better than the guy writing his manifesto in a darkened room with a single light bulb swaying back and forth. Yet, it got play in National Review and Rare, inspired Twitter rants, and segued nicely into this week’s VMA-themed episode of “D.O.A..”

Of course it wasn’t without criticism, since this is the internet after all. Next time I quote punk rock lyrics, I might say they’re from Toby Keith just so conservatives don’t completely miss the point. There was another critique though that I wanted to talk about, because it comes up regularly.

Read the rest on MISFIT POLITICS…


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