On Thor 2, Brand New, and Some Other Things…

I was planning on writing a review of Thor 2, but was so bored with it a tweet would have been easier with room left over for a really obnoxiously long hashtag. It was visually stunning and I dug the first ten minutes or so of Thor’s longing for his lost love. Then we landed on Earth and were reminded how annoying Natalie Portman and that chick from two broke girls are. The rest of the movie bored the pants off of me so bad that I was bored by the jokes about not wearing pants. Even the bonus scene at the end (SPOILER: Comic Book movies have hidden scenes to set up future movies) was meh, and seemed to set up for Avengers 3…even though we still have to get through Avengers 2.

That said, Stan Lee was a delight in his cameo.

My partisan leanings notwithstanding, whoever greenlit these “Brosurence” ads needs to be given a urine test. I’d say more but I’ve ranted enough today on the Twitters about the new ObamaCare Sex ad, plus I’m still printing out the recent Quinnipiac poll so that I can roll around in it. I stand by my belief to not overreact to any one poll (and any one unemployment rate) because of how drastically they swing from month to month, but this one was so delightfully bad for the opposition I’m making an exception.

Lately I’ve become a big fan of bands playing entire albums to mark anniversaries. Brand New is taking it a step further by playing consecutive concerts, two albums at each concert. My hope is that since they’re from Long Island, they’re going to Respect the LI at the Huntington show and play the first two albums for us. Those were the best two, and no one got time for the other two. Plus if I don’t get to drunkenly sing along to “Soco Armaretto Lime” I’ll…most likely do it anyway walking to the bar after the show.

Today was the official formation of the Punk Rawk Caucus of the conservative movement. Me, Pye, Lachan and Lyndsey are the inaugural members.

My basement has walls.

Ash his heart onto the ground. Pull his guts out by frustration. Be careful you might kill him. Just cause he can’t hear what you say. Doesn’t mean that he’s not listening. If you listen to your words, he might like what you say.

And this…


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