Chris Christie Sucks (So Find Me an Alternative)

I’ve taken a week to think about this, and I want to preface this entire blog post by saying that personally I have zero f***s to give about 2016 right now. I’ve even started the Zero F***s to Give About 2016 PAC. Donate now to help me give zero f***s.

But Chris Christie’s crushing victory in the New Jersey Gubernatorial race has led to the start of 2016 primary season whether I want it to or not, and if some of my more conservative friends weren’t already saying that the Koch Brothers GOP Establishment were going to force him on us in 2016 and blaming Bush RINOs for going along with it, they’re going to be turning it up with recent polls that have Christie beating Hillary Clinton.

And I get that people are upset because he hugged the President and after watching his state destroyed, got pissed over the hold up over the Sandy Emergency Relief Bill. A bill, mind you, I got into a fight with a congressional staffer over after being accused of putting my party over my neighbors. They didn’t have a response when I said my neighbors were still living with me after having their house destroyed, and how the emergency relief bill didn’t provide them with any actual emergency relief.

All I’m going to say is this, instead of attacking Christie and dismissing/mocking the results from New Jersey and how he killed the liberal in all of the demographics we need desperate improvement in…find me the more conservative candidate who can produce similar results. Find me the more conservative candidate who’s going to do the outreach to voters other than the ones who already agree with him. Find me the more conservative alternative who can do those things, so that we can put them on stage in a few years and have them find them out.

That was the big issue in 2012. The Bilderbergers GOP Establishment didn’t choose Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney won a primary election decided by voters…mainly because he convinced them he was the best out of a lot of bad decisions. That may not have been the case if the Establishment Tea Party was less concerned with raising money off of “Anyone But Romney” and more concerned with finding anyone but Romney, but instead we were stuck with Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, and Herman Cain as our alternatives. If Rick Perry would have gotten in when he was originally planning to, it would have been a different ballgame. Instead he got in the race unprepared, and I’ll spare you a joke about not remembering the other thing.

If you don’t like Chris Christie, that’s fine. It’s his problem, not mine. New Jersey isn’t the rest of the country and is a very liberal state…which is why it’s noticeable that a pro-life Republican who cut funding to Planned Parenthood, fought for school choice and education reform, and went to war with public employee unions would win by 20ish% over all while also beating his opponent with women, youth, Latinos, lower income, middle class, and everyone else who wasn’t the core of the liberal core base.

Winning in New Jersey doesn’t mean winning in Ohio, Florida, or Colorado. The question is who is the more conservative alternative who can do the outreach and build the infrastructure to do the same.

Next time you want to make a fat joke or BLARG OBAMAHUGGER, that might be a more productive question to think about.


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