Hate on Taylor Swift and I Will Cut You

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I know Taylor Swift has a lot of ex-boyfriends and you think that negates her, her music, and everything I have to say in the following blog post. Get some new material, H8trs.

I have had Taylor Swift’s Grammy performance of All Too Well on loop using a YouTube plugin all damn day and I have no regrets. After her circus performance at the VMAs, last night’s was surprisingly mature.

That’s a friend’s reaction to Taylor Swift’s stripped down version of “All to Well” from the Grammys the other night. See for yourself:

It wasn’t shocking to me, just like it’s no surprise to anyone who knows me that I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan. Spotify even likes to narc me out when I have her playlist on in the background as I do all the social media things for clients during the day. Are her vocals Beyonce good or is her songwriting Stevie Nicks class, no. In her defense, few are. But as an overall artist, she’s made me a believer.

What’s funny is that what first made me a fan wasn’t so much her music as much as a CMT interview she did when she first started out. The interview asked her about shopping or how she spends her money (I wish I could find a clip) and her answer really blew me away. She talked about when the money first started coming in, she sat down with her mom and they knowing how quickly it can all go away, unless they were reinvesting it in her career they weren’t going to spend any of her money until they had the label paid back.

She bought a house and a tour bus (which is a home on the road), but the other stuff that her pop colleagues seem to blow all their money on, they figured that a) they didn’t need, and b) most of the stuff they get for free anyway. Granted now she’s more or less printing her own money (and as a Capitalist I say make it rain when you have it), but at the time I thought that was a refreshing attitude to have. She’s in an industry that judges you based on what you own (both the music industry and the “celebrity” industry). What a great example this sets for younger fans.

I remember thinking that if I had a daughter, how much I would appreciate having someone like Taylor Swift – someone who writes and plays her own music on top of the example I mentioned – simply as an option for her to choose from. I think this is where many conservatives make mistakes when it comes to “engaging culture.” Too often we focus on what we don’t like and what we find is inappropriate. We don’t look for and promote other options (and there are more than we realize) that we think are inappropriate.

This is why I don’t care about Miley Cyrus or Rhianna, because there’s a Taylor Swift. It’s also why I don’t care about shows like “Girls” or “Glee,” because I know there’s going to be the option of “Girl Meets World” which has created such a buzz for Disney they’ve already picked it up for TWO seasons. It’s not a knock on the other things. People are free to choose for themselves what is appropriate for them or appropriate for their kids.

Just as long as the choice is there.

And when my two year old niece comes over and wants to play dance party, I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling twenty-two.


3 thoughts on “Hate on Taylor Swift and I Will Cut You”

  1. I also love Taylor and I have to admit it’s mostly for the same reasons as you, but I also think that she has some of the most poetic and heartfelt lyrics, which make them better in my opinion than many other musical lyrics.

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