You Won’t Believe What This “Pro-Life” Republican Said About God and Families

When people think about pro-life Republicans, they usually think about the crotchy old church lady picketing outside of a Planned Parenthood, Mike Huckabee saying something stupid about a woman’s libido, Rick Santorum complaining about the clitoris, etc. Pro-life Republicans want to outlaw contraception and mansplain to womyn what they can and cannot do to (the body growing inside of) their bodies.

Granted, there are in fact a number of people on our side who would fit that description and that you’ll always hear about in the news because…c’mon now, it’s the news.

Even people on our side who I generally like sometimes have a habit of tackling this and everyone other issue in a way that makes sense to us who agree with them, but not so much the rest of America that we need to reach. It’s not what you say, it’s what people hear. We don’t always remember that.

Here’s an example of someone who does remember that. I’m not going to say who’s speech this is, mainly because I want people to actually read it and not dismiss what is said because they don’t like the person in the first place. If you’re going to talk about God and family and a pro-Life message as a top Republican, here’s how to do it…

This is about our commitment to these children and their families. And I always say “the children and their families” and sometimes people just say “the children.” They want to put the children first. Well, of course we do. But the families are just as important. I suspect there’s nothing more painful for a mother or father, but to see their child not learning. Because we as adults understand what that means for our own children’s future. That if they don’t learn, that if they don’t get a strong academic background, that they’re futures will be limited.

And you know, another question I got in there was: what’s the greatest accomplishment I’ve had in my life? And I told the kids: It’s being a father. You see, all the rest of this stuff is temporary. Being a Governor is temporary, being a mayor is temporary, being a superintendent is temporary, you’re not going to be able to do it for your whole life. But being a father is something you commit yourself to for your whole life, the same way being a mother is. And so the dreams that you have for your children are the ones that stay with you for a lifetime. And if they don’t reach those dream because we failed them, that’s unacceptable.

And I would suggest to you that it’s immoral. Because each one of those children is an individual gift from God. My mother-in-law is the mother of ten children — my wife is number nine of ten children. And when I was quite young and [my wive] and I were first married and hadn’t had any children yet, I asked her one time: ten children, I mean that could not have been easy; if you had to do it all over again, would you do it? And she said to me, “Of course I would because every one of my children were an individual gift from God.”

That’s where I got that phrase, was from my mother-in-law nearly twenty-five years ago. And in the same way that my mother-in-law feels that way, I am sure that most, if not all, parents feel that way too. That their child is an individual gift from God. And if we believe that, if we believe that every child is an individual gift from God then to not to educate that child, not to allow that child to reach his or her fullest God given potential is a sin against God. And that’s why I call it immoral.

So, I want you all to know, why I say the things I say, is not just words, it’s words based on my experiences as a parent. And I think based on yours too. So, we’re going to remain steadfast — steadfast in our commitment to make sure every child has a chance at great education, not only because it is the right thing to do, but because I truly believe it’s what’s morally required of us.


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