BREAKING: Red State’s Ben Howe is Bankrupt

It’s funny when you think of it because when a lot of us started off as “activists,” it wasn’t to start off as an activist. We were people who grew increasingly frustrated with the direction of the party and/or the country (depending on when you started to come up in the game) and needed an avenue to vent, and hey look over there…it’s something called the Internet.

Bitching on Twitter begat blogging begat podcasting begat talk radio begat TV hits begat a hobby turning into something you called a career. Who knew, right?

In Ben Howe’s case, it begat filmmaking and he has his first movie “Bankrupt” debuting in DC either tomorrow, today, or on January 30th depending on when you read this. It’s a look at crony capitalism and over regulation, and how it has destroyed the city of Detroit. Or something like that. Check out the website for a full description.

What I’m personally excited about is the simple fact that…there are a lot of us who say that we need to engage the culture more and find different avenues to promote out beliefs, our policies, and our values. There are also a lot of us who outside of tweeting about it, don’t actually want to do much to engage the culture.

Ben is doing something. He’s taken his skill and the contacts he’s made, and taken all the conversations we’ve all had about engaging the culture and specifically targeting new audiences, and creating something out of it. He’s telling a story, which is something our side doesn’t really do that well.

I’m sorry I can’t be there in DC for the debut (and to drink his beer), but am excited to see the movie when it comes out, and am happy to call Ben Howe a friend. Good luck, sir!

Here’s the trailer…


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