FTR Radio Gonna Do Me Like They Did Arsenio

Four years ago, we announced at CPAC how The Right Hook was moving to the mighty FTR Radio RFC Radio.

Today, I’m announcing that I’ll be ending the show at the end of the month.

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, actually. It’s been a fun run that’s opened a lot of doors for me. If not for LaDuke and Fingers, none of you would know who I was. I owe about 50% of what I do for a living and 80% of my current friendships to them.

That said, I’ve been expressing my frustration with you guys about the base/movement/audience and not knowing where my place is in it anymore. I feel I’m at a point in my life where I’m being pulled in a different direction and can better effect change by focusing my energy in different avenues.

Factor in that Mark is going on hiatus for a two month to help his wife pop out another kid, I feel now is the time to walk away.

So the last episode of “The Right Hook” will be February 26. Then the following week at CPAC, I’m considering it my big blowout (which I was going to do anyway just because I like the sauce).

Oh, and sometime in between I’m going to be interviewing Matt Walsh. Yes, that Matt Walsh. Just my way of saying to y’all that I love you.

Three other notes:

1. While he may have “retired” before me, I still have seniority over Josh Gillespie and “The Right Hook” had a longer run than “Gillespie” did. That makes ME Host Emeritus #1 and him Host Emeritus #2. This point needs to be made clear. I’m Green Hornet, he’s Kaito. I’m Morris Day, he’s Jerome.

2. While I’m ending the show, I’m not leaving FTR Radio. First of all, it’s what gets me to events for free and I’m sure as hell not giving that up. But more importantly, FTR will always be my home and as interviews pop up that I want to or any other special projects I want to be a part of, or if any guest spots come up, I’ll be hanging out in the breakroom.

3. There’s a good chance in a few months I’ll try coming back like Jordan wearing the four-five, just because I have a shallow ego and need people to pay attention to me.

But for now…


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