On Kutcher, Culture and Conservatism

Originally printed in Misfit Politics 8/19/13…

We can control the medium.
We can control the context of presentation.
We can be the bands we want to hear.
We can define our own generation.
-Against Me!

There’s been a lot on our side that’s been pissing me off lately.

After the 2012 debacle, everyone has their own view of what we as conservatives need to do to move forward. Here at Misfit Politics our top issue is to better engage the culture. The Left knows it. Ronald Reagan knew it. We can’t win elections until we learn how to win hearts and minds. We need to change how we communicate, especially since people like most of our ideas when they don’t know they’re our ideas. 2013 is the year to change that.

What happens instead? Rand Paul supporters get into a pissing contest with Chris Christie supporters because of the Democrat Media Complex taking something Christie said out of context. The George Zimmerman decision is treated like a major political victory. And today the new measuring stick of your conservatism is whether or not you want to defund ObamaCare which – in lieu of anyone explaining to me what the marketing plan is to appeal to people outside of our echo chamber – seems like just a ploy to fundraise and build mailing lists.

Nothing we’re doing is trying to engage the culture. Nothing we’re doing is winning hearts and minds, or challenging the view of what it means to be a Republican.

Then, one day, Ashton Kutcher gave a speech after winning an award.

Heritage (yes I realize they’re #DefundObamacare, but at least they’re trying to reach out) turned it into this:


They did the same with something Bono said recently:


Don’t get me wrong. I know neither guy is going to be showing up at a FreedomWorks event anytime soon. Granted Bono has always cared less about being a slave to liberal ideology and intransigence than he is about helping people, but Kutcher I’m fairly certain supported Obama and is probably going to have to do penance in the entertainment industry for having so many conservatives sing his praise. Just focus on their words. If you swapped out their pictures with one of Ronald Reagan or Marco Rubio, would you know it wasn’t one of their quotes?

Which graphic do you think does more to sell our message and what we believe to people who don’t normally listen to us, Ashton Kutcher and Bono? Or the last graphic you saw about the Zimmerman trial?

(And yes, the biased coverage from the Democrat Media Complex for the later was disgusting. That’s not the point)

You can find conservative messages everywhere, even if the messenger is anything but. Find those messages. Package them in a way that conservatives usually don’t, for an audience that doesn’t usually listen to them in a first place. Those two quotes from Ashton Kutcher and Bono have done more to advance the cause of liberty, free markets, and entrepreneurship then anything Ted Cruz or Mark Levin has said all year (and I’m a big fan of Cruz).

We can control the medium and the presentation. We can be the conservatives we want to hear for a generation who doesn’t want to hear from conservatives.

More Bono and Kelso. Less most of what we’re currently doing.

Boom. Done. Here’s your song of the week.


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