GUEST POST: My Five Favorite Kiss Songs

[Special guest post by Chief Strategery Officer to The Casale Group – and my boss – Vince Casale]

I was 9 years old when I took the money I received for my good report card from school and walk into a record store. I bought Kiss Alive. I had been introduced to the flamboyant looking 4-some made up of the star child, spaceman, cat and of course, fire breathing daemon, through a friend at school who had heard of Kiss through an older sibling.

As any young boy at that age I was drawn in by the gregarious looks and mystery surrounding their true identities, but it wasn’t until I dropped the needle for the first time on the spinning vinyl that the true magic happened. It was similar scene much out of the movie “Almost Famous” when William Miller heard his first rock song and the spinning record became symbolic of a much larger transformation that stuck with him for a lifetime.

It was a few years later that I saw Kiss in concert – my first real live rock concert. It was then that I experienced the true magic that is Kiss. A live musical performance that was more like watching a cross between a circus and a broadway show with more pyrotechnics than the end of a Die Hard movie.

Kiss will always be know for writing rock anthems that speak right to the heart of their adolescent (and now more adult) fan base, but it is their live show that leaves the fan feeling fully entertained that will forever be their hallmark.


Kiss has survived 4 decades by adapting to changing times and preferred musical genres, but also created classic hits that have truly stood the test if time – which could be argued is an introspective look in the mirror as much as it is a review.

I think my Kiss fandom can be summed up from a chance encounter with Paul Stanley in Puerto Rico a few years ago. I said to Paul, “I bought my first Kiss album when I was 9; I haven’t been the same since.” Paul’s response, “Yeah, me neither…”







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