Pod of Thunder: 3 Reasons Why YOU Should Be Podcasting

It’s funny.

When I had first started “podcasting,” before people decided that sounded more hip and happening than “internet talk radio,” there were some guests who I almost had to explain what an Internet was.  My feeling was that if you don’t use email, you probably won’t understand why you should me on my internet radio show in the first place.

That was 2007 (I think).  Now, stories like this are becoming more and more common:

Indies aren’t the only public radio producers to recognize that there’s gold in them there podcast hills (related story). Among the top radio stations and networks seizing on podcasting’s potential, New York Public Radio’s WNYC has been out front, developing an extensive slate of new productions.

Hjelm’s reference to NYPR podcasts as “brands” is, perhaps, one more sign that the jargon and values of the commercial world are seeping into podcasts as well as public radio itself.

What a difference a few years and a few million downloads make.  Now it seems every time you turn on your computer, someone either you know personally or some celebrity has decided to start their own podcast.

But why should you?  Here are three key reasons:

DIY – The “Do It Yourself” aspect is why most of us do anything on the Internet.  The music and the voices we hear don’t speak to us, so we create one that does.  Be the band you want to hear, or in this case, the talk radio show.

Full Editorial Control – Your 30-60 minutes is yours to fill up however you want.  Talk to whatever guest you want to.  Bring up any issue that you are passionate about.  There’s no one standing in your saying not to say something as you press the upload button.  Hint for those of you in the political world…THAT MEANS NO MEDIA FILTER.

Cheap – Soundcloud is about $20 a month.  BlogTalkRadio is I think $40.  You can invest in most of the basic equipment you need for under $150.  I can’t think of any other creative medium that’s less expensive.

There’s no reason for you not to be podcasting.  Now, you just need to think about something to say.


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