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Kevin Owens: Father of the Year

I get frustrated following wrestling sometimes. Not because of the product as much as I used to write about in on the line back in 1995-2001 (once upon a time they called me Freakboy). I was actually in the dot com bubble when it burst, though thankfully in San Antonio interviewing Shawn Michaels the day the company went public – so I never threw my money on the ground and set it on fire, which would have actually given me more of a return than the people who invested…wait, where was I again?

Oh yeah, the frustration. I get frustrated because I see everything that’s being done via Twitter and YouTube and all over the social medias these days. There was a lot of stuff we wanted to do then that we couldn’t because the technology wasn’t there yet. Now that it is, I’ve switched careers and now work as a political consultant.

And no, between wrestling and politics, I still can’t tell which is more scripted and which is more political.

Either way, as much as it pains me to never have brought you “Freakboy’s Big @$$ Podcast: Live from WrestleMania,” I still enjoy following the wrestlers on social media and teh Twitters. One of my favorites to follow is Kevin Owens.

Not for the promotion or the way he goes after trolls (which is hysterical). It’s mainly for the pictures he shares of his family. For a guy who plays such an angry badass all the time, his photos with his family – and especially his son – are the most touching and real of any entertainer on the Internets.

Famous people share pictures of them an their kids on teh Twitters and Instagram all the time, but too often they look staged and contrived. Less about spending time with their family. More about “look at me, I’m here with my family.”

Whenever Kevin Owens chooses to share, there’s a sincerity that comes across that you can’t fake. It sets an amazing example.

And my main reason for writing all this, is an excuse to say the following. Owens just won the world championship. Scripted or not, it’s still a huge accomplishment that people work their lives for. All things that were not lost on his son.


If the embed doesn’t work, the link is here.

Imagine the excitement of an eight year old boy seeing his father win the world title.

And imagine how big of an absolute douchebag you would have to be to tweet the following:

Get it? Because wrestling is fake and what a loser kid to be emotional because derpity derpy derp derp derp.

Thankfully, Owens has been too busy spending time with his family after the first day of school to respond.

Though, I keep checking Twitter waiting for it…