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5oz of Fury: My thoughts about #UFC167…

1. All controversy aside, I went 5-0 in predictions for the first time in the history of ever. I can’t think of a better way to mark the 20th Anniversary of the UFC.

2. Yes, the judging last night su-diddly-ucked, but I wonder how much of it is the old school boxing mentality that the challenger has to knock out the champion to win. My dad always told me that, and I remember when Buster Douglas used Mike Tyson has his punching bag back in the day the judges still gave every round to Tyson. That said, the judges from last night all need to be given a urine test.

3. I was happy to see Rashad Evans win decisively last night. He’s always been one of my favorite fighters, and always considered him to be one of the first “students” of the game. Most fighters prior to when “The Ultimate Fighter” debuted really didn’t study mixed martial arts as much as they already knew one form of fighting decently and made up the rest as they went along. When you heard Evans (and Kenny Florian too) talking about fighting how they train, and other fighters…he stood out as one of the first who focused on studying the sport as well as just training for it.

4. My FTR colleague Matt Lewis wrote about the left trying to take over sports. Keeping that in mind, this was the dumbest fucking thing I read from the show last night.

5. He’s not as bad as Frank Caliendo, but Rob Riggle is one of the unfunniest people in the world. He’s antifunny. This has nothing to do with the PPV last night, but I have the FOX pregame show on now and his lack of funny distracted me.