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Three thoughts from the liquor store

Three things came to mind today while stocking up on Ketel One and assorted other alcohol for the game on Sunday

1. When buying a bottle of booze, always see if what you’re looking for comes in a gift set. The cost is the same, and you get free glasses or assorted other bar accessories. I got a bottle of Jamesons one time that came with six metal coasters. And if you’re buying a gift for someone, they get the bottle…you keep the free schtuff.

2. This was the second time in as many weeks at the same liquor store where the cashier starred at me all throughout the transaction like they didn’t know if they wanted to and/or should ask for my ID. It wasn’t until they bagged the bottle and took my money that they wanted my proof of age.

3. As I was perusing the Vodka section an older lady was asking the clerk a hundred and one question aboot the Vodka assortment. There was one question that caught my attention:

“Will I like that?”

It seems odd that you would ask someone you’ve never met before if you’d like something or not, but if you’re an old lady who mixes her vodka with V8 juice, maybe it’s not so odd for you.  Did I mention she smelled like moth balls?